There are many misconceptions about how slot machines are arranged. In an effort to get big payouts, not only beginners but also experienced players believe in various myths about slot machines. Online casino https://pin-up.casino prepared the most popular myths about slot machines in online casinos. You will learn:

  1. Is the game effective using different bets?
  2. Is it true that after a loss there should be a series of winnings?
  3. Do I need to periodically change the slot machines?
  4. Do I have to wait for the reels to stop on their own?
  5. What is the result of the game on the system?

Having received answers to these questions, you will feel more confident in the best online casinos, an overview of which is presented on our website.

To cheat slot machines, play with different bets

Many gamblers who wonder how to cheat slot machines, believe that changing the bet will help to achieve steep results. This myth is used by various fraudsters who sell “secret” schemes and strategies. You can often hear from them that they have learned the “secret” information from the developers or using their own algorithms. Of course, to believe in such nonsense is not worth it. No matter how you combine bets, the results of spins will always depend solely on the random number generator. Also, nothing can affect the mathematical advantage of slots and its volatility.

After a major loss comes a large payout

A person who says this is like a primitive person. It seems that he believes that the automaton is a deity that must be appeased with the help of the victim in the form of a large sum of money. It is not strange, many players thanks to this myth get high from the big losses after the first spins of the reels. They believe that after that a wave of cool combinations will follow.

However, the chance to receive a large payout is in no way connected with how many spins you have done. It is possible to assemble the maximum sequence of characters even after the first start of the coils. If you somehow want to influence the outcome of gambling entertainment, choose those games where professionalism plays a big role. 

If a major jackpot is broken, it’s time to change the gaming machine

This is one of the most common myths. Often, users believe that the gaming machine is not able to give a big win, if before that he had already paid a large amount. Therefore, they choose another slot or even change casinos. In fact, the result of each spin does not depend on the previous one. There are many examples when on the same machine, in one evening, users have disrupted large winnings several times in a row.

Do not trust fate – click on the “stop” yourself

Some modern slot machines offer the function of self-stopping the spins. This creates an illusory feeling that you can somehow influence the game. Many users are pressing hard on the “stop” button to catch the desired combination. However, the random number generator determines the result of rotation immediately after clicking on the “start”. The only thing that a player can achieve with the help of the option of self-stopping the reels is a faster game. Naturally, this practice does not give results. Although there are random coincidences, because of which players continue to trust this technique.

There is still a mass of myths around the slot machines. It will take more than one article to list them all. Gamblers tend to believe in superstition and legend, because they instill confidence in success and optimism. The main thing is not to go to extremes and try to think soberly even during the most intense gaming session.