Casual sex with a stranger is very appealing. With this kind of coitus, both partners are as uninhibited as possible because they are sure that they are seeing each other for the first and last time. Although it makes sense to use additional preparations so that everything goes at a high level. You can buy them here https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-viagra-super-active/

Benefits of casual sex

Finding themselves in the same bed, strangers to each other, as a rule, get a lot of new impressions and sensations. Such communication is a godsend for those who love “spicy” or just for those who do not have a constant partner. Unexpected acquaintance with the continuation can significantly improve the self-esteem of both women and men. Even a very popular and popular person is always nice to realize their own attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. Casual sex for one night is a great way to change the environment and for a short time to completely disconnect from their own current problems. 

Quite often, these one-night stands have a continuation and grow into serious romances, culminating in a strong and happy marriage. And there is no contradiction, because people are confident that sex never happens again, they are not ashamed of anything and behave appropriately, showing their partner exactly as they really are. Of course, all the above applies only to casual sexual relations with strangers and does not apply to sudden drunken sex with colleagues at a corporate party.

Are there any disadvantages to casual sex?

In addition to the obvious pluses, casual sex has very serious minuses:

  • The danger of becoming a victim of STDs and skin diseases;
  • The possibility of disappointment, instead of the expected super sex;
  • Selfishness of partners;
  • Risk of encountering criminal elements.

As for diseases, condoms were invented a long time ago. However, they are not always a hundred percent guarantee. From the same scabies or from seborrhea and fungus they will not save. But it is worth noting that these diseases can easily catch in public transport, and baths, and in the pool. And you can get sexually transmitted diseases from a partner you know well.

As for disappointment, casual sex is by and large a lottery, however, a man sees with whom he is headed to bed, one should only trust his own intuition and an unpleasant sediment can be avoided. If a man wants to reassure himself, it makes sense to use the products from this site https://svensktapotek.net/. Selfishness is inevitable in both partners, since there are no plans to continue the relationship. People are who they are and take from the other what they need. But this is not a bad thing, often the selfishness of one is complemented by the selfishness of the other and the result is excellent, harmonious, mutual sex.

Faced with the criminal continuation of the evening not only men, but also women. There are plenty of men willing to slip something into the handsome men’s glass and rob, if not more, a lonely, unsober lady. This is a very serious disadvantage of casual dating and hookups. A protection, and then only a partial one, may be the rule of not bringing an unfamiliar partner to your home.