With the help of comments you can also earn from all kinds of referral (affiliate) programs. An affiliate program is a system of increasing the client base by inviting new users (referrals) by existing users. If you want to earn on Instagram, you should buy instagram followers to increase the authority of your account. At the moment there are many excellent tools that can be useful to you in this area.

Today, this scheme of attracting new customers is implemented almost in all services and most online stores. Usually the user who has invited a new client has the right to receive a portion of his income, proceeds or paid commissions. In this case, the money does not come from the “pocket” of the invited person, but from the service as a reward for attracting a new client. By contrast, referrals who register using an affiliate link or promo code are usually entitled to all sorts of additional bonuses.

Thus, referral programs are convenient for everyone: business owners get new clients, inviting – remuneration, and referrals – discounts and bonuses. The earning algorithm in this case is as follows.

  • Searching for a service with attractive conditions of the affiliate program. It is desirable that you yourself are active users of the service and can appreciate its advantages and convince to register.
  • Search for suitable publications on Instagram, where you can organically insert an invitation to try the products/services of a brand with which you are cooperating.
  • Writing a comment with a link to the partner service, a promo code or an affiliate link for registration.

If users are interested in your offer, they will click on the link, register and start using the partner’s products. For that you will receive remuneration provided by the affiliate program. Some services have a multi-stage referral program, which provides remuneration also from the actions of users, who were invited by your referral. It means that your income under the affiliate program can grow even passively. You can take part in many affiliate programs at the same time. Please note that to make money from comments on Instagram, it is better to choose an affiliate program with an invitation by promo code, because there is no possibility to insert an active link in the comment.

You can also make money from comments on Instagram. You don’t have to be flawlessly literate when writing a comment. Sometimes comments written with minor typos may even seem more “lively. But you should not abuse it too much either. However, much depends on the subject and the requirements of the order. For example, if some youth products are commented upon, it is acceptable to use slang and common abbreviations. If the topic is designed primarily for business people, then the writing style should be similar. If your account has 50 instagram followers, you probably can’t work this way. You should acquire more followers first to increase the value of your account and make it more interesting.