The online skin market is young and still poorly predictable. And although the vast majority of even the most successful businessmen in real life know virtually nothing about it, skins as a business, nevertheless, year after year, show a steady growth in profitability. You can get free csgo cases or buy them on special resources.

What kind of profitability?

Well, according to a study published by Bloomberg, by the end of 2015 more than 3 million gamers had sold more than $2.3 billion worth of skins on the Web, with buyers paying more than $15,000 for individual lots. Ahead of the planet, of course – Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which as of today is not only the most popular and most beloved by sponsors of cyber sports discipline, but also actually became the basis for the rapid growth of the market skins to its current, long ago world scale. However, here, as you know, there is a peculiarity, which was formed historically.

The fact that after the appearance in 2013, the option to trade skins in CS:GO service Steam officially banned the purchase-sale for real money. Therefore, the enterprising part of the gaming community had to look for a place where such transactions could be conducted safely and with mutual benefit, both for the buyer and the seller. Demand, as it should, could not help but give rise to supply. And special trading platforms appeared on the scene, thanks to which skins very soon received the status of an unofficial online currency with all the financial parameters and advantages it was supposed to have.

Today, skins are acting as a means of payment, in the skins take bet game portals, bought and sold accounts, and so on. Some particularly advanced experts have even learned to make money on forecasts of skin prices, perhaps so far in a smaller volume, but with no less success than the brokers on the famous Wall Street. Moreover, there is an opinion that the skin market is just beginning to gain strength and its potential is enormous. Of course, if only you approach the matter with an understanding. At least with an understanding of how and, most importantly, where you can make money on skins.

Let’s take a closer look at the optimal place for trading skins. In general, it is just a specialized platform for the purchase and sale of skins. That is, if you have a rare or very common game item and a desire to profitably turn it into cash, then here you will buy it. With the transfer of an agreed amount in a certain currency. And without any difficulties of a technical nature. The interface of your account is simple and clear. You learn it quickly, and are fully aware of what and when to click to get the desired result.

Next. Percentage of the site, i.e. commission, i.e., as it is called, the house edge. He, of course, is present, but also quite interesting. First, you always have the opportunity to see the dynamics of prices and sell a skin for a higher price on it (or at all a separate price if the item is really rare). Secondly, all skins are traded for more than $ 1. Third, the commission site is formed taking into account all of this and, for example, on some items is no more than 20%.

Bonuses? Yes! In the form of reduced commissions for regular customers (now up to 10%, depending on the rank). In the form of raffles skins on pubs. In the form of a promotional increase in the percentage of some or all skins. And so on. Simple arithmetic shows that with a 10% discount, the user can essentially sell skins at a price close to the market price, which automatically becomes a separate competitive advantage for those who are engaged in this business in depth. You can get more information at https://csgo.net/upgrade.