Bonus-hunter is a person who plays in the casino for the purpose of obtaining a bonus and the subsequent risk-free game to get “free” money. Casinos do not like bonus-hunters, which is quite natural, no one wants to lose money. If a player “shows up” as a bonus-hunter, it can lead to serious trouble in the future. This raises the question of how to get your bonus money back, and not to be branded as a bonus-hunter? Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Try to bet as much as possible (at least twice the minimum requirement), especially if the game goes well.
  2. Do not play one-size bet, vary the size of bets, and do not use autoplay.
  3. Don’t play only one game of blackjack or video poker, switch games.
  4. Allow yourself to lose a little sometimes, you will get it all back in another casino or at the next monthly bonus.

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What to do if you have a problem with a casino

You have some sort of problem with an online casino. You think that the casino is cheating, you haven’t received the money, money has disappeared from your account, etc. What to do in this case, how to restore justice? The following sequence of actions is recommended:

  • Contact the casino support via email or phone with a detailed description of the problem.
  • If the problem is not solved in a short time and you do not receive an answer, try to contact the casino manager (many casinos specify email manager or pit-boss) with the same question, stating that the customer support did not help you.
  • If after a day or two there is no answer or the answer is not satisfactory to you, you can try to contact again.
  • Contact a popular forum (preferably the one visited by a representative of the problem casino), outlining your problem, and attach correspondence with the casino. Casinos do not like when their problems are brought to the public. By the way, you can scare the casino in a letter beforehand, saying that he will contact the forum or the dispute resolution service. The forum can tell you how to solve the problem of other players. A casino representative can contact you and clarify the situation. Finally, someone from the owners of the gaming sites can help you.
  • If it did not help – contact the dispute resolution service between players and online casinos. The most famous and popular is CasinoMeister.
  • If the casino is a member of any gaming association (such as eCOGRA), you can also complain to this organization. You can also contact the licensing organization and software supplier – but these are extreme measures, they are more likely to hurt the casino than help you. If the above measures do not help, forget it and continue to play in other casinos.

If you play in a normal casino, the solution to the problem should not go further than point 3. But if you take a chance and invest in an obscure casino, even the use of all methods may not produce a positive result. Hence the moral – try not to experiment and choose carefully the casino to play! Use https://slots-online-canada.com/ to find a reliable online casino.

Bonuses on special types of deposits

Many casinos now offer many different deposit methods. Some offer extra money for using one of these methods. Apparently, alternative payment methods are cheaper for casinos than credit cards, so they encourage customers to use them. The value of a bonus on such deposits is usually defined as a small percentage of deposit (about 10-20%), but in some casinos, you can receive a bonus on every deposit! The wagering value of such bonuses is different, may be small, and may be prohibitive, read the rules on the website casino. Use this bonus if you like online casinos.